San Damiano Center for Sustainability: Framing in progress, Part XI

San Damiano Center for Sustainability:
Framing in Progress, Part XI

by Eric Fitts, Director

Exterior framing was completed!
The ShelterKit kit has finally been exhausted. (Just a few small door adjustments remain on the slider and loft door.)

Eric, Gemma, Vern, Sr. Glenna, Sr. Toby, Tom, Andy, and Steve pitched in, with covert help from a top secret veteran volunteer. Special cameo from Will to troubleshoot a slight oversight on my part 😉

Masters Week progress:
We installed some more underlayment on the north wall. We trimmed out the two 9’x10′ bay door openings and began installing base trim (called “rat guard”) for the metal siding. We stained and installed both 9’x10′ bi-fold bay doors (shout-out to Andy and Vern for making this happen through sheer willpower!) We installed the sliding door over the 9’x8′ bay door (thanks to Tom and Steve on the install and Glenna and Toby on the staining). On the last morning, we capped it by installing the loft door, which we had to hang in the door jamb ourselves, with some fancy router work.

The stain is a non-toxic product from Vermont Naturals called PolyWhey–it uses whey protein as the hardener and is a beautiful stain. We got it from

Next steps are completing the underlayment on the sheathing, a few tweaks on the doors, installing the 36″ steel door to the picnic area, installing the metal roofing and metal trim and siding, and plenty of interior work (interior work is quite appropriate at a place named after San Damiano, since that’s where St. Francis’ interior (soul) work began.

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