From the West

Printable Directions from the WEST

Please arrive at the Farm between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm Eastern time having already eaten your evening meal. Earlier arrivals should wait since we are not ready for guests until 6:30 pm. If you will be arriving later than 7:30 pm due to unforeseen delays, then please call us ahead of time to let us know (304-445-7143). Later arrivals will make for a very late night for all of us (after tours, orientation, prayer, and the leader meeting), so please do your best to arrive on time. Thanks!

Take I-64 E out of Beckley. We are about 75-90 minutes from Beckley, depending on conditions.

On I-64 East, take exit 139, marked ‘Sandstone-Hinton Rt. 20’ (~18 miles east of Beckley on I-64)

Turn LEFT onto WV-20 S towards Hinton (~10 mi), (passing through Sandstone and Brooks)
Notice the amazing New River.

Stay on Rt 20 south through Hinton and across the bridge over New River. Rt 20 will take a left turn at the end of the bridge and join up with Rt 3. A couple miles up the other side of the river, turn left on Rt 3 East across the bridge over New River again (towards Talcott, Pence Springs, and Alderson.)

Please, call us when you enter the town of Hinton (304-445-7143) so that we know when to expect you (we are 30-40 minutes from Hinton.)

-After about 5 miles, it becomes WV-3 E and WV-12 N. Turn left across the bridge, to remain on WV-3 E. (If you mistakenly go straight and miss the left turn over the bridge, then you should turn around when you figure that out.)

-About 7.5 miles after the bridge (past Hilldale and Talcott), you will see the sign “Pence Springs, Unincorporated town.” Slow down and take the first left onto West Clayton Rd.

(reset trip odometer—our driveway is 3 miles up Clayton Road—it will feel much longer. On Clayton Rd., make a slight right at the fork at the top of the hill, staying on Clayton Rd., pass big log home on the left and “Hypesville, population friendly” on left)

– You will see a sign that says BETHLEHEM FARM at the foot of the driveway. Make the sharp right (not the easy right) onto our gravel driveway. Pull up the drive (1/2 mile), wave to the cows and stop at our log home. Turn off your engine and get hugged.