Until you have made it up to Bethlehem Farm, after rising with the freeway into the mountains, navigating the twists and turns of the hills and hollers, wondering just how far up Clayton Road we can possibly be, and finally running the cattle gauntlet on our driveway, you cannot truly understand just how important good directions can be.

We live in a place where cell phones do not usually get reception and GPS systems become impossibly confused. MapQuest or Google may get you here, or it very well could take you over some gravel mountain road into a random cow pasture! If you print out and follow the directions on the menu to the left we are confident that your journey up to Bethlehem Farm, while twisty and turny to say the least, will not be a stressful guessing game.

Where are you coming from?

Follow the NORTH directions if you are coming from:
Morgantown, WV; Clarksburg, WV; Pittsburg, PA; Buffalo, NY

Follow the SOUTH directions if you are coming from:
Arkansas; North Carolina; Tennessee, Princeton, WV, & all other locations south of the farm

Follow the EAST directions if you are coming from:
DC Area; Massachusetts; Maryland; New Jersey; New York; Philadelphia, PA; Richmond, VA; & White Sulphur Springs, WV

Follow the WEST directions if you are coming from:
Chicago Area; Kentucky, Indiana; Illinois; Nebraska; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; Ohio; Wisconsin; Charleston, WV; & Beckley, WV