From the North

Printable BETHLEHEM FARM directions from the North

Take I-79.

Take (Exit 57) US-19 South towards Summersville (about 30 miles).

When you get to Summersville, turn left on WV-39 E (at the 5th traffic light).

After about 12 miles on WV-39, you will enter the town of Nettie and turn right on WV-20.

After about 19 miles on WV-20, you will enter the town of Charmco and turn left on US-60 E.

After about 10 miles on US-60, you will see signs for I-64.

Get on I-64 E for ONE EXIT.

Take the WV-12 exit- EXIT 161- toward ALTA turning right on WV-12 S.

After about 12 miles on WV-12, you will enter the town of Alderson.

Stay on 12 through Alderson.

Less than one mile after leaving Alderson, you will enter Summers County (pass by Big Branch Rd, Eagle Branch Rd, and Falling Branch Rd).

Less than one mile after entering Summers County, you will turn right on EAST CLAYTON RD. (Clayton Rd is less than 100 yards past Falling Branch and is hidden behind a cliff, so begin slowing down once you pass Falling Branch Rd).

Follow Clayton Rd for about 4.3 miles until you see the sign for Bethlehem Farm on the left at the foot of our gravel driveway. [On Clayton Rd, you will pass Griffith Creek Rd, go up a long, windy hill, cross a long straightaway (past Top of the Hill Farm, Way Back Farm and the Lester Farm,) head back downhill a bit past Pine Grove Farm and left at the fork in the road (the road is not called West Clayton), past a sign for Clayton Baptist Church before coming to our driveway. Our driveway is 1/2 mile past the sign for the Clayton Baptist Church].

Since Clayton Road feels a lot longer than 4.3 miles due to the slow speed and curvy nature of the road, it may be best to set your trip odometer to zero at the beginning of Clayton Road, so you know that our driveway should be right at 4.3 miles. Another way to recognize our driveway is that Clayton Rd actually bends to the right at this point, so you are practically just going straight to get onto our driveway just at an intersection with another road (Kirby Mtn Rd, but there is no sign). The side road will be 90 degrees to your left and our driveway will be just a gentle veer to the left.

Follow driveway for a 1/2 mile, waving to our neighbor’s cows as you pass by. Pull up to the log home, turn off your engines, and get hugged.

We are about 30 minutes from I-64, depending on conditions. We are about 3.5-4 hours from Morgantown with one brief fuel stop, depending on conditions.

Please call us in Summersville, if possible, so that we know when to expect you. 304-445-7143