Solar Panels

Affordable Solar Panels 

If you are in Summers, Monroe, or Greenbrier County, are at or below the WV mean income of $60,000 for a household of two, and interested in installing solar panels, you can fill out an application for our Green Neighbors Program (Click here for Application) and send it to:

or print, fill out, and mail to:

Bethlehem Farm
PO Box 415
Talcott, WV 24981

You can also call 304.445.7143 to request an application.

The Green Neighbors program includes an energy audit at the start of the process and an interest-free loan averaging $20,000-$30,000 for the cost of materials and installation. Solar panels will meet all or part of a household’s electricity demand and reduce monthly power bills. Additionally, solar panels empower a household to care for the environment by using less energy from fossil fuels.

Successful applicants will have an ability to make monthly payments (amount will be largely based on electricity bill savings) and a desire to participate in the process of energy auditing, weatherization, and renewable energy practices and education. If you have questions, please contact Colleen or Eric at 304.445.7143.

Photo Gallery of local Green Neighbors Solar Installations 

Summers County Client’s Solar Panels