BF Community

BF Community

Community life at Bethlehem Farm revolves around the cornerstones of Community, Prayer, Simplicity, and Service. We are a joy-filled community of single and married people working and playing, laughing and crying, challenging and supporting one another as we seek to live a radical gospel based lifestyle.

We begin each day as a group in prayer and share our meals as a community. On some days you might find all of us together on a home repair work site and on others we may be spread across three counties. There are many roles to be filled at a place like Bethlehem Farm, and we work together as a group of equals to see how God can best make use of us each and every day.

We live a lifestyle of intentional simplicity and seek to walk softly on this earth, recognizing that each decision we make, whether it be a big or small one, has repercussions not only for our community but for our neighbors here in Summers County, WV and our kin all around the globe.

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Introduction to Bethlehem Farm
Spirit of Inclusion
Resources for Caretaker Applicants

Bethlehem Farm Master Plan (as of 2018_05-03)
BF Net-Zero Facilities Plan & Green Neighbors Project
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BF alumni blog: Wind and Flame
Bethlehem Farm Blog – BtheFarm

About Our Inspirations:

This Land is Home to Me
          Pastoral letter on poverty and powerlessness in Appalachia and the Church’s response
At Home in the Web of Life
          Pastoral letter on environmental degradation in Appalachia and the Church’s response
The Telling Takes Us Home
          A telling of the story of “the least among us” including Earth, our listening to that story, and the Church’s response to it.
Laudato Si’: On the Care of our Common Home
          Pope Francis’ encyclical on environmental destruction, climate change, and poverty
Gaudete et Exsultate (Rejoice and be Glad)
          Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation on the joy of service


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