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A Volunteer’s-Eye View of A Service-Retreat

Prayer, simplicity, community, service. Ever wondered what a group week at Bethlehem Farm is like? Check out this awesome video made by one of our college volunteers during her week here

Living the Cornerstones at Bethlehem Farm

Current Bethlehem Farm Caretakers summarize the mission and vision of Bethlehem Farm, created by Br. Nich Perez

2021 Virtual Benefit Celebration

2020 Virtual Benefit Celebration

Master Facilities Plan Update

Director Eric Fitts updates viewers on our progress, created by Br. Nich Perez

Winter Squash Soup

House Manager and Caretaker Raine instructs viewers on making her famous Winter Squash Soup, created by Br. Nich Perez

Ministers to the Future

Bethlehem Farm remembers we are profits of a future not our own, created by Br. Nich Perez

Official Trailer 2012

A good summary of our life and work, created by Br. Nich Perez

Change the World

See the value of a caretaker at Bethlehem Farm

Bethlehem Farm Turns 5

Take a look at where we’ve come from and where we are going after five years in Summers County, WV.

What Love Has Done

A day in the life of Bethlehem Farm

Welcome Home

Get the flavor of a group week at Bethlehem Farm

Sunny Day on the Farm

Watch the installation of our solar panel array in November 2009

Review of the Day Montage 2009

Check out some fun reviews of the day by our volunteers in spring and summer 2009

Snow Day 2009

Ever wonder what it would be like to sled down Bill Mann’s hill? Watch this video to find out.