Paintin’ the Res

Led by Katherine Beyers and Jenna Cucco the Caretakers have been taking care of business painting the Caretaker Residence.  With the great help of the Fitts parents, the Ruggabers and the Nazareth Farmers we are almost ready to call in a carpenter to trim the house.  Check out the beautiful colors in our new video!

The Plan

Wonder what the new caretaker residence is going to look like when it\'s all built? Check out this computer rendering! Also be sure to check out our Green Features page to learn all about how the caretaker residence is our greenest project ever.\n\nBF - DD Presentation 0223-2012 edit for web 6-27-12 revised 5-30-2013

Caretaker Residence: The Mark Solak Edition

In this video, Project Manager Mark Solak gives us the low down on the Past, the Present and the Future of the Caretaker Residence construction.  If Jacob Marley had been as efficient an orator as Mark, he could have saved the other three spirits the trouble and just given Scrooge the info himself.