Tiling the Floor (and Update)

Tile Man Carl beasts through the living room floor in this video. He worked this brilliantly whether there was a camera recording him or not.

The tiling and interior painting are almost complete. The trim is being painted by a professional Interior Painting company considering we didn’t want to potentially spill paint all over the new tiles, so we got it taken care of properly! Also, the Alderson carpenter contracted for the job is chomping at the bit; ready for his turn in the Caretaker Residence. The siding crew completed a few weeks ago and the roof is in progress. The biggest awesome is the Solar Hot Water tanks that have been installed on the south side of the house just below the greenhouse. This morning Miriam asked me how we get water to be hot. I replied that unfortunately we burn coal to generate electricity and convert that to heat that heats the water. I added that we would soon be saving our beautiful mountains by heating our water directly from the Sun. Hopefully those of you who support our Mission and our Community express more excitement about that possibility because she seemed thoroughly unimpressed.