San Damiano Center for Sustainability: Siding, Roofing in progress, Part I

San Damiano Center for Sustainability:
Siding, Roofing in Progress, Part I

by Eric Fitts, Director

Siding and roofing have begun!
The ShelterKit kit has finally been exhausted. (Just a few latches remain!)

Eric, Gemma, Raine, and Steve pitched in, completing a few small door adjustments that remained on the slider and loft door, staining/sealing exterior trim for the loft door, completing the underlayment on the north gable wall, running some trim pieces for the siding (high ladder acts III and IV of V are now complete!), and learning about standing seam metal roofing from the roofing crew similar to Precision Roof Crafters, a roofer in Houston, TX.

A well-built roof is essential to the value and durability of a property, protecting it from rainy and windy weather. It is surprisingly easy to overlook the importance of roofing. Whether built by yourself or by a specialist like 99Roofers, a solid roof is as important. In some cases perhaps even more important than a strong foundation. Consequently, if you would like to learn more about the steps that go into improving roofing for new construction, then you can find plenty of helpful resources on the following construction website – check them out here.

As for our roofing project though, the next steps are completing the underlayment on the sheathing for the west and east walls, installing the 36″ steel door to the picnic area, completing the metal roofing, similar to that available at, and metal trim and siding, and plenty of interior work (interior work is quite appropriate at a place named after San Damiano, since that’s where St. Francis’ interior (soul) work began).

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