Maintenance Garage: Steel Building Construction, Part III copy

Maintenance Garage:
Interior Framing, Jan 2023

by Eric Fitts, Director

Having worked in 2022 to frame out walls, posts, beams, and joists in Bay 5 (the first one we are framing out), then laying the loft floor and beginning the loft knee wall in that bay, we began 2023 from that point.

In January, with six days of work from Alvernia and St. Anselm, we completed the loft knee wall in Bay 5, then framed out walls, posts and beams in Bay 4.

Next, we’ll continue framing out the interior, run the wiring, install the vehicle lift, insulate the auto shop and wood shop, sheath the interior walls, build out the work benches and shelving, and outfit the auto shop and wood shop.

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