San Damiano Center for Sustainability: Framing in progress, Part V

San Damiano Center for Sustainability:
Framing in Progress, Part V

by Eric Fitts, Director

Framing continued with help provided by Summer Servants and volunteers from St. Peter’s Prep (Jersey City), Loyola Blakefield (MD), and Geurin HS (Noblesville, IN).

We completed framing the south gable wall with an awesome effort by Farm Crew to raise the center section, which somehow YouTube failed to get on film 😉 We also completed the first course of sheathing on both gable walls. After a heroic run to Hurricane by Will and Justin (on a reunion tour, as Justin was visiting this week) to pick up the last bundle of materials, we also were able to begin setting roof columns and roof headers, as we prep for rafters. The livestock shed began to take shape as we set the ledger boards to hang the shed roof rafters on and measured, cut, and set the columns.

south gable wall begins
south gable wall complete
first course of sheathing across the north gable
Jake, Kevin, and Charlie
Roof columns and headers begin
first course of sheathing complete on north and south gables
and ledger board installed for livestock shed
Roof column raised for ridgepole
Columns raised for livestock shed
Roof columns and headers take shape

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