San Damiano Center for Sustainability: foundation in progress, Part X

San Damiano Center for Sustainability:
Foundation in Progress, Part X

by Eric Fitts, Director

The day finally arrived to pour the slab for San Damiano. Vapor barrier was placed down (to protect the contents of the building from rust due to condensation from the ground), forms put up, and we were ready for 4 cement trucks carrying 8 cu yds of concrete each. A “little” left over at the end meant that we could also pave the educational area on the left side.

Many thanks to Eric Franklin and Mark Solak of Solak Builders for setting up the pour and to Steve Amick, Mike and Dillon of SAA Builders of Rainelle for their masterful job pouring and finishing the slab–not easy work, especially on yet another unseasonably warm and sunny day.

Next up: Solak Builders returns to make the relief cuts in the slab, run two more courses of block on top of the slab, and set the bolts for the posts and sill plates.

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