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Every person who has joined us at Bethlehem Farm be it during a volunteer week, a weekend retreat, community night, or simply while passing through has given of him or her self to this place. Similarly, each person who spends time on this mountain working, playing, singing, and praying takes something away with them. Bethlehem Farm is a place that touches people in a way that lasts, and it is our hope that this will be the case for many years to come as God works through the Farm and our mission.

Time, talent, and treasure are three things which every non-profit organization needs to succeed. The volunteers who dedicate a week of their lives to seek God’s face through service in southern West Virginia are our most valuable resource. Without the willingness of each volunteer to give of their time, Bethlehem Farm could not exist.

Without the talents of so many, some who have been here and others who have not, Bethlehem Farm would merely be an idea or a dream. Fortunately, people have stepped forward, and thus we have this website, an efficient heating system, an electric fence which keeps our animals in their pasture, and much more.

Finally, we come to treasure. At Bethlehem Farm we know the value of a dollar, and we know how to make it work. When you give to Bethlehem Farm, your generous gift multiplies as we put donations to work in concrete ways in our community. Donate online now!

If you prefer, you can give monthly with auto-bill-pay from your checking account. The check is sent out automatically each month (unless you direct otherwise) and the full amount goes to Bethlehem Farm, with no fees taken out. Several monthly donors have chosen this option and one has done it through an EFT. It works great and gives all of your hard-earned money to Bethlehem Farm. Call Eric (304-445-7143) if you need more details about this giving option. Thank you for supporting our mission!