Become a Caretaker

Become a Caretaker

Each member of our caretaker community has felt called to life and service at Bethlehem Farm. Some join the Bethlehem Farm caretaker community for one year while others have made an indefinite commitment. All of us have a unique story to tell when asked, “How did you end up at the top of a mountain in West Virginia?,” yet each of those stories share common themes: a desire to be a part of an intentional community, to seek God every day, to strive for sustainability, and to serve. These are just a few of the blessings and challenges of life at Bethlehem Farm.

Do you feel called to a life of prayer, simplicity, community, and service? We invite you to prayerfully consider joining us in our journey by applying to be a Caretaker at Bethlehem Farm.

Caretaker Application & Discernment Process

  1. Read through the documents on the BF Community page to familiarize yourself with our community
  2. Read the Resources for Caretaker Applicants to determine your interest in the position.
  3. Contact the Bethlehem Farm Hiring Coordinator at (304) 445-7143 or to ask any questions and to introduce yourself.
  4. Fill out and send in the written application: Caretaker Application
  5. Distribute reference forms (last pages of application) to your three (3) references. Your application is not considered complete until we have received completed forms from your three (3) references.
  6. We schedule a phone conversation with three people from our community during which we ask you questions to try to get to know you better, and you have another opportunity to ask us questions.
  7. If it appears that you and the community would be a good fit for each other, then we schedule an on-site visit for a week at Bethlehem Farm.
  8. The caretakers make a decision and you make a decision about whether this is a good fit for you and Bethlehem Farm.


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