Construction Manager Position

Bethlehem Farm Construction Manager Position

Mission Statement: Bethlehem Farm is a Catholic Community in Appalachia that transforms lives through service with the local community and the teaching of sustainable practices. We invite volunteers to join us in living the Gospel cornerstones of service, prayer, simplicity, and community.

Inclusion Statement: In the spirit of the Gospel, Christian unity, and the cornerstones, Bethlehem Farm provides a warm “welcome home” and services to anyone regardless of age, race, color, ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion, political affiliation, income, marital status, familial status, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, & military status.

General Description of Construction Manager Position
With the supervision of the Bethlehem Farm Director (or his/her designee) and accountable to the Project Manager and Caretaker Community, the Construction Manager gives direction to Caretakers in their role as work site coordinators in our low-income home repair and
community service program. The Construction Manager and Project Manager are responsible for projects of the farm and coordination of worksite assessment, implementation, and documentation.
Though the Construction Manager does not necessarily assume the same household responsibilities of an in-house Caretaker, s/he is expected to participate in community building, positive communication, set an example, interact with volunteer groups during their visit, and align with the overall mission of Bethlehem Farm.

General Community Duties and Responsibilities
● Participates in regular Caretaker meetings as they pertain to the home repair and service-retreat programs
● Interacts with adult & youth volunteers, participating in group weeks as a role model
● Maintains professional boundaries
● Performs regular self and group evaluations with the guidance of the Director
● Upholds Christian standards and values as described in “Responsibilities of Community Members” in the Bethlehem Farm Community Handbook

Worksite Duties and Responsibilities
● Under the supervision of the Bethlehem Farm Director collaborate with the Project Manager to operate the service program.
● Complete site visits with Project Manager for the low-income home repair program
● Create or provide input on written plans and diagrams for selected projects including estimated costs, time, labor, and equipment needed for project completion
● Instruct Caretakers on skills, techniques, and safety protocol for leading worksites with assistance from Project Manager
● Set up and execute trainings for Site Leaders in collaboration with Project Manager
● Provide input in assigning site leaders and collaborate to prepare visits to sites
● Acquire necessary permits and adhere to local code on home repair projects
● Ensure that volunteers are properly trained and given safety instructions in collaboration with Project Manager
● Support technical knowledge for monitoring worksites with Project Manager through close contact with site leaders, homeowners/families as needed
● Supervise volunteers at work sites during retreat weeks with Project Manager
● Perform home repair work as needed
● Participates in facilities maintenance and grounds keeping, including finding and fixing hazards in order to support workplace safety and health at Bethlehem Farm with the Caretaker Community

Materials and Supplies
● Assist Project Manager in the purchasing, ordering, and delivering of materials, tools, and supplies for home repair projects
● Obtain and properly label receipts per established guidelines
● Oversees the efficient use of materials and supplies
● Responsible for maintenance and repair of tools

Community and Public Relations
● Maintains a good relationship with local contacts and service agencies
● Treat vendors and clients with dignity and respect as a representative of Bethlehem
Farm in the local community
● Maintains positive rapport with participants and chaperones

 Construction Training and Experience
 Organization and Prioritization of Tasks
 Leadership
 Negotiation
 Safety
 Strong Communication Skills
 Ability to work well with a team

● Five years of in-depth construction experience with a working knowledge of basic home building skills including framing, roofing, drywall, trim work, plumbing and electrical OR trade school education
● Advanced knowledge of construction tools, including safety use and proper care of them
● Valid driver’s license and a driving record acceptable to our insurance provider
● A keen eye for safety
● Ability to relate well to Caretakers, participants, and homeowners regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation/identity, religion, socio-economic status, etc.
● Ability to patiently teach Caretakers and volunteers
● Willingness to work under a variety of situations and weather conditions
● Ability to follow directions and work well with others
● Open to collaborative ministry with volunteers and the people of the area
● A person of faith open to working with an organization based in the Catholic tradition
● An openness to prayer, simplicity, service, and community

Other Details
● Time Commitment: 1-yr contract, eligible for renewal on a yearly basis.
● Compensation: Starting at $45,000; Negotiable based on skill, experience, and degree level. Option to buy into health insurance plan. $500/yr training & development funds available. Local and organic meals included during work hours. Use of Bethlehem Farm vehicles for Farm business during work hours.
*Option to apply to as a Caretaker and live in the Bethlehem Farm intentional community

Additional Resources:

  1. Read through the documents “About Us” on the BF Community main page, check out one or more of our videos, and skim through some recent newsletters to familiarize yourself with our community.
  2. Read the Resources for Construction Manager applicants 2022 to determine your interest in the position.
  3. Contact the Bethlehem Farm Hiring Coordinator at (304) 445-7143 or to ask any questions and to introduce yourself, if desired.

First steps to apply for the Construction Manager Position:

  1. Please submit a resume and cover letter to the Hiring Coordinator at
  2. Informal exploratory conversation with the Director (application will be sent to applicant if both parties wish to pursue the possibility).
  3. Fill out an application and send to the Hiring Coordinator at, copying the Director at
  4. Distribute reference forms (last pages of application) to your three (3) references. Your application is not considered complete until we have received completed forms from your three (3) references.
  5. We schedule a phone conversation with 3-5 people from our Caretaker community and Board during which we ask you questions to try to get to know you better, and you have another opportunity to ask us questions.
  6. If it appears that you and the community would be a good fit for each other, then we schedule an on-site visit for a week at Bethlehem Farm during one of our group weeks. Prepare by reviewing the “About Us” resources on the BF Community main page and exploring some of the “About our Inspirations” resources.
  7. Bethlehem Farm makes a decision and you make a decision about whether this is a good fit.
  8. Those applicants who accept an invitation to join us will work with the Director to discuss contracts and work with the Hiring Coordinator to fill out hiring paperwork.